Long Term Pandemic Recovery

Offering support as you recover from illness or trauma

True Powerful Transformation is here to provide every patient who needs it with genuine, effective support as you work to overcome any issues that are currently causing you to struggle. Based in London, I offer face-to-face hypnotherapy in Harley Street, Highgate, and Muswell Hill. I also offer online sessions that are suitable for patients across the UK.

Are You Struggling?

Life can be hard, particularly during a pandemic, but help is here

Are you struggling?
Life can be challenging, particularly during a pandemic, but help is here
It’s likely that every single one of us has experienced or will experience times of real struggle. It can be a dark and troubling time, whether it’s an illness, trauma, or any other issue. However, I know we can all work through these situations with the proper support, and that’s what True Powerful Transformation is here to offer.

During the pandemic, people worldwide have found themselves struggling with low moods. You may have experienced panic attacks, anxiety, stress, a lack of mental clarity, and a sense of detachment from what is happening in the present moment – all these symptoms and more are common, and you are not alone. However, you can work to overcome these issues, and professional hypnotherapy can help you find the right mindset to do so. Don’t hesitate to contact Louise Slattery today if you want to know more about what she can do.

Mental Health

Helping you as you work to improve your mental health

If your mental health and wellbeing is low due to the stress and anxiety of the pandemic, then professional help from a therapist may well be of help to you. The difference between hypnotherapy and other talking therapies is that hypnosis is used to help you enter a calm and relaxed state where you are better able to identify and access the problem areas that you have. Together we can help you as you work to overcome any barriers to improved mental health.

Get In Touch

For more information about what I can offer as a professional hypnotherapist, please contact True Powerful Transformation using the contact form on this page. Free 15 minutes consultation.

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