Weight Management Hypnotherapy

Helping you to manage your weight in a healthy way

True Powerful Transformation can help you to manage your weight effectively through hypnotherapeutic sessions. I will help you take control of the situation and make positive changes. I offer face-to-face sessions in Harley Street, Highgate and Muswell Hill, as well as online sessions that are available nationwide.

Does It Work?

Can hypnotherapy help with weight management?

Have you tried dieting and found it unsuccessful? Are you sick of finishing a diet and promptly putting the weight back on? Sustained, healthy change to your lifestyle and habits is really the only way to enjoy successful weight management.

Weight management is not something that can be done for you. It is, however, something that you can get help with. I offer hypnotherapy sessions designed to help patients with weight management, providing support as you make lifestyle changes that will help you to achieve your goal.

How It Works

What can you expect in our sessions together?


This session will focus on relaxing, and what that feels like for you. We will look at how you can use the power of your imagination to visualise and attain your goals. It is a feel-good session and will include a session of hypnotherapy so that you understand how it works and feels. It will be a pleasant and relaxing experience.


This session will focus on changing the habits you wish to change. Whether that’s diet and eating habits or other habits, we will explore the habits and how they need to change. We will investigate the reasons behind the habits in order to make change possible.


This session is referred to as a hypnotic operation! We convince your subconscious that physical changes have been made, supporting your hard work and determination as you change your habits. This can help you to feel a reduced appetite.


Your fourth and final session is all about the habits that you’re changing. We will ensure that your unwanted habits are well and truly broken. A lot of people unintentionally sabotage themselves at this point, so we will work together to help you avoid doing so.

Get In Touch

For more information about what I can offer as a professional hypnotherapist, please contact True Powerful Transformation using the contact form on this page. Free 15 minutes consultation.

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